Lent Vs… V-Day?!

So, here’s something I never understood.  Lent.

I get the concept. Fat Tuesday everyone indulges in just about everything one can indulge in. The next day, Ash Wednesday, starts Lent and you are supposed to give up one thing for the next 40 days, I assume in a weird, totally inadequate way of ‘making ones-self go through what Jesus did in the desert’. In my head, one of the big things to give up would be alcohol. Makes sense, right? If you’re gonna go through with it, make it as easy on yourself as possible, right? I know this isn’t as easy for many people as it would be for me. For many people, giving up alcohol would be as high, if not higher, on the scale as me giving up soda. But, hey! It’s only 40 days. That’s less than a month and a half.

ImageHowever, every single year, you know what happens between Ash Wednesday and Easter? Saint Patrick’s Day. And with no reserves whatsoever, what else is St. Paddy’s day other than one massive excuse to get drunk out of your mind? Never understood it. Also, this year seems to be a bit unique. What else is a good healthy thing to consider giving up? If I were to participate, the first thing I think of, after soda, of course, is excess sugar.

ImageSo, Fat Tuesday is Today. The next day is Ash Wednesday. What happens the very next day, aside from Michelle’s birthday? That’s right. Valentine’s Day. Really, Catholic Church? You couldn’t maybe try a little harder. People dread this time of year anyway, why are you making it so much worse?! I thought you WANTED to be more popular.

*shrugs* oh well. I guess I’ll just never understand.

And did anyone else hear about the Pope resigning? Shocker, right? First Pope to not die in the chair in about 600 years. He says it’s because he’s too tired, weak, and unhealthy. All legitimate reasons, really. I mean, the guys, like 85, give him a break. What no one else seems to be considering is that maybe it really doesn’t have to do anything with his health. No, I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy. I think that Benedict is simply giving up the papacy for Lent. He’ll be back at the beginning of April. Might even throw in a hilarious “April Fools! Dude, I totally had you there, didn’t I?” Except, it’d probably be in Latin, so “Aprilis Insipiéntes! Dudus, ego totaliter habebat ibique te, nonne?”


Well, until next time…

Organized Much?

Not much has happened, unsurprisingly.

Trying to catch you up quickly, so what’s new? I have a new job and am probably taking more classes than I should. That’s seriously about it.

ImageI decided I’d be very organized in a last ditch effort to actually pass the courses I signed up for. So, I did something I find myself quite good at. I made a list. Several, actually. I’m taking Astronomy, Psychology, Math, and English. Sounds basic enough, right? Well, I took all of the assignments that will be due for those classes and listed them out. Then, I wrote each assignment onto a sticky note. I then took all the sticky notes and hung them up so I could see them clearly. This should achieve two things: 1) I’ll see the note and do my assignment, and 2) when I’m done with said assignment, I get to take down the note and throw it away! I never said anything about it being an Earth-friendly endeavor, but I honestly don’t care.Image

I also bought one of those week by week calendars (the ones with the big spaces so you can actually write shit in) and pulled it apart. I filled out what assignments were due when, when I was supposed to be in classes, when work assignments were due, when I was meant to go to the gym, birthdays, ect. I affixed these to my wall as well.

ImageNext, I put up my goals for this semester (those of you lucky enough not to have your life being dictated by what is going on with school, I simple mean from January to about mid-April (those of you screaming at me saying “that’s not the end of the semester, Becca!”, I know. And I don’t care. It was a time I picked arbitrarily. Bite me.)). Anyway, this list simply has things I hope to get down outside of school and work (even though that is, admittedly, not much).

ImageSo, yeah. That’s basically all that’s going on. Hopefully I’ll update with something more interesting to say later.

Until next time…

Summer Runnin’, Had Me a Blast…

After that it was mostly work all summer.

At the concert

At the concert

My sister did come up for a family re-union we had and directly after that, she dragged me to a Country concert(I saw ‘dragged’ but I actually had loads of fun(other than the fact that I was massively sleep deprived and the person behind us got a little too excited at one point and spilled their beer all over my shoes)). Can’t tell you how many times I heard, ‘Here. Take the picture, your arms are longer.’

In mid-August, I took a trek down to New Mexico to do a 5k, called the Color Run with my sister and a bunch of her friends. Right before leaving, I got a haircut. Like, a massive one.
Basically, I got the haircut so I could wear a fauxhawk. I came off the plane like that and, at first, my sister didn’t know it was me.  When she came up to give me a hug, all she said was “I thought you were a boy”. Not too comforting, but I expected little else. She never does like it when I cut or dye my hair. I fear I disappoint her quite often.

She thinks she's sooo cute...

She thinks she’s sooo cute…

For the next several days, I just chilled at her house and ended up doing LOADS more cleaning than I had planned. I should clarify that, I suppose. My sister lives in a really, really small town and, when I visited, she worked for a few days of my visit. So, all the cleaning I did was voluntary and the only person I can really blame for any of it is me.
One day, we drove for at LEAST an age and a half to go raspberry picking. If you ever have the opportunity to do this, do it! It’s awesome! But be sure that it’s not about to rain or they’ll kick you out early. Also, beware of bees…

Finally, on that Friday, we drove all the way to and stayed the night.

Shivering and excited right before the race kicked off.

Shivering and excited right before the race kicked off.

Super early the next morning, we got up and got ready for the run. I don’t understand how it ALWAYS works like this, but just before EVERY run it’s freezing. Didn’t help that we had to stand in the shade, I  guess.
The run was fun and if I were to have any complaints, it’d be that they didn’t have any green and very little blue. It was an awesome race and for a really good cause, so very few reasons to be upset. It took the two of us an entire container of wet-wipes to clean off. So, gross, but cool.

Covered in 'paint' with the man himself

Covered in ‘paint’ with the man himself

CandyCane’s Wedding

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Just a day or two after running, well, participating in the Bolder Boulder, I set off with four other ladies and a dog in a minivan. Now, you might think, “Surely this is the beginning of some odd elaborate joke”. In which case you’d be very wrong.
On Christmas day in 2011, I got a fairly excited txt from a friend telling me that she was engaged and that we should meet up sometime so she could tell me all about it (ok, the meeting up bit was my idea,
but still). I, being the foolish person I am, decided that the first thing I would say to the newly engaged Candice would be “I can’t believe all I got was a lousy txt telling me you’re engaged” after slinging my arm playfully around her neck. That would’ve been all well and good if, and this is a fairly big IF, if we weren’t also meeting up with another girl. So, there I was, unwittingly trapping two of my friends in a situation, I’m sure neither wanted to EVER be in. As soon as these words came out, both girls stopped walking, Candice looking at me and our friend looking at Candice.



I still didn’t get it. Like I said, foolish.
The new fiancée looked at me and in a sort of, what I hope was, good-natured chastisement, “Becca, I hadn’t told her yet” at the same time as I heard “you’re ENGAGED?!” from my other side.
Finally cottoning on to my mistake, I felt myself turn beat-red and began apologizing profusely to Candice for giving it away.
Thankfully, I was forgiven and we went on to eat frozen yogurt and try and figure out wedding things.
All of that to say, the ladies I was to share the next SEVERAL hours with were closely related to the bride-to-be. One of her aunts, one of her cousins, her mom and her twin sister… And of course, their dog.
We traveled from NoCo to Nebraska where we paused on our trek to pick up two more girls-another bridesmaid and the ‘hairdresser’. From Nebraska we carried straight on until we hit Illinois, where the  wedding was to take place. In total, I think it was about a 15 hour trip.

Natalie and LuLu in the car

Natalie and LuLu in the car

Once there, after collapsing in exhaustion (travel has that funny effect on me), the next morning and subsequent days after, was spent nearly entirely on wedding stuffs. Laying out center-pieces, cleaning/
drying chairs and tables, filling boxes with jellybeans (I actually still have no idea what that was for), making cakeballs and putting up decorations.
There were times when there wasn’t much we bridesmaids (that was part of the reason I was there, even if I WAS asked a little late in the game) had downtime. On one such occasion, Candice’s then fiancée, took us on a tour of the campgrounds where we were staying. Loads of trees and greenery. Really a very pretty place. One time we sat and watched as one of the girls made the cake. Like, literally Made. THE. Cake, as we watched her. And it looked AMAZING by the end. Another couple of times we just sat around and talked.

Massage chain: Natalie, Liana, and Chad

Massage chain: Natalie, Liana, and Chad

A fellow bridesmaid, one of Candice’s cousins (it did seem like she had quite a large family), started showing pictures from her recent stay in Australia. Not sure why I wasn’t particularly interested at the time, but it’s fine because I ended up talking to her brother for quite some time. Lucky for me, we had several mutual interests and we got to geek out a bit, talking about Doctor Who, Dracula, and Sherlock
We DID manage to steal the bride-to-be for a short time. We ended up taking heron this pseudo-bachelorette party, held at a restaurant. No alcohol was involved, but we did make her open all the negligee we got her. Safe to say, she was embarrassed.

We didn't have any proper BP stuff for her, so we had to make due...

We didn’t have any proper BP stuff for her, so we had to make due…

As for the actual wedding, everything went off as predicted. Only problem I had was that it was ridiculously hot and I didn’t know most of the people there. To be fair, it wasn’t a party for me, now was it?
The ride back was equally as long and boring as the way up. Seemed as though we were driving through a furnace more often than not, yet, thankfully, the tires stayed intact.

I’ll be back to write another entry shortly.

Until next time…

Bolder Boulder

Starting Line

Starting Line at almost 7:45 am

Bolder Boulder. That’s what I did the day after the graduations I talked about in my last post.  My sister signed me and a couple of her friends up to do this. For those of you who don’t know,  the Bolder Boulder is a 10k that takes place in, surprisingly, Boulder this year on Memorial day. To begin with, my sister and I thought it was a race benefiting something, you know, like cancer research or something. Nope. The Bolder Boulder was a race for racers. So, considering this was to be my first race and that I’d known about it for a while,  I thought I had prepared accordingly. Boy, was I wrong.

Me, Sara, and Liz just before the race

Me, Sara, and Liz just before the race

Well, to start off, I didn’t do such an awesome job hydrating the night before. Then I had to be up and ready to leave the house by 6. That’s 6 AM, in case you were wondering. Then, when we got there, it was hellishly cold. Understandable, seeing as how it was just around 7 in the morning and I was in basically shorts and a tank top.

So many people and I STILL managed to find him!

So many people and I STILL managed to find him!

So many people were there, I couldn’t believe it. And the amount of people that dressed up all crazy-like for it. Ridiculous.

We got there a bit late, so instead of starting with the FJ’s, like we were supposed to, we started with the FM’s. Not horrible. We took off at a slow jog, but I guess it really didn’t matter. I was worn out by before the first mile. By the time we got here I was feeling like I was going to vomit. And as interesting as that would’ve made thing, somehow I don’t think some people would think it was that funny.

Highest Elevation of the race

Highest Elevation of the race

We, the runners, had entertainment galore. There were amateur bands on just about every corner, dancers cheering us on, at around 1.5 miles I think there was a keg stand. Just after 2 there was a slip and slide. They were passing out snacks. Of course there was water and Gatorade, but there was also one corner where little kids were passing out marshmallows.



You heard me right, marshmallows. Of course, we took them, thought they were cool, even. That was until we actually ate the damned things and realized it sucked about 90% of the moisture from our bodies. Thanks a lot, kids. Thanks a lot.

Later on there was a corner that had gigantic speakers that were pumping out music and just as we got there Eye Of The Tiger started, and there is honestly no better song to get you to actually start running/ motivated to run, than that song. That group was handing out Doritos. A different group was giving away cotton candy(but we had already learned our lesson from the marshmallow kids, so we didn’t take any), a lady handed me a grape. Yes, a single, small grape. Gee, thanks for the taste. And finally, who can really forget, bacon. No, you didn’t read wrong. Some people were ACTUALLY handing out bacon. It was kind of funny but REALLY distracting because it smelt soooooo good.

When we finally got to the end, I was just about wiped out. It was really all I could do to keep walking just so I wouldn’t get trampled by the herd of people behind me. As we passed the finish line and went  inside the stadium we were given loads of stuff. A little lunch-bag with several little goodies in it. Bagels, Pepsi, oranges and weirdest of all, a can of beer. Yeah, right after a race and everything.

Liz, Charles, and Me and a toast to all the crazy runners

Liz, Charles, and Me and a toast to all the crazy runners

Needless to say, we chowed down once we found our other people and a seat. Not being that big of a beer fan myself I only had a couple drinks. The race didn’t sit well with some of us and after a bit of  extra fizzy beer one got a bit sick.

After the race, I remember going home. After showering, I found that I was quite sunburned(being REALLY white person and forgetting to put sunscreen on will do that to you)  and didn’t really have enough energy to do anything. So I turned on my fan and rested as best I could, only to be woken about two hours later.

Whenever my sister comes to visit she has this nasty habit of just coming into the room without knocking and doing whatever it is she needs to do. If you’re asleep, it’s worst, ’cause she’ll jump on you. If she’s tired, it’s even worse, ’cause she’ll just come in and lay down, generally on something you don’t want her laying on, like your arm. This was one of those times. But when I asked her why she was  there, she told me we were going out to eat.

First off, YAY! I love eating out. Secondly, Eck! Don’t wanna move, I ache.
In the end, as it often does, my stomach won.

That’s really all there is to say on that. I’ll continue playing catch-up soon. Thankfully(or ridiculously sadly), not much more happened in 2012 for me to report on.

Until next time…

Baby Brother Got Graduated

So, my little brother graduated. That was a blast. Little stinker has an awesome way of making me feel ridiculously old without even trying. All he has to do is remind me of just how old HE is, and I’m a goner. It really doesn’t matter that I’m technically not that old, I just feel that way.

ImageBit of a crap picture, I know. But, in my defense, every time I tried to take a picture, the guy right in front of me decided that was the best time to move his obnoxiously large head directly in front of my camera…

Anyway, relatives galore that weekend. My sister ended up staying in my room and basically commandeered my bed. You have no idea just how many times I walked into my room fully intent on sleeping or cleaning or just plain old chillin’ only to find some random sibling or aunt strewn across my bed. I even checked for a pulse once, just to make sure I would actually be able to use my room that night.

My uncle and his wife came up on graduation day, and brought their kids with them. Now, I absolutely LOVE my cousins. There’s a set of twins who are nearly three and a little boy who’s about 15 months. My only problem with them is that they’re soooo little(which is really half of the reason I love them so much). This leads to two major issues:

1.) I was already much much older when they were born and 2.) My brother graduated from the same high school I did.

Exactly what kind of graduation would it be if random alumni didn’t show up? And what kind of cousin would I have been had I not offered to keep an eye on one of the girls while my sister watched the other? Being almost 3 doesn’t really aide much in the sitting and listening department, so I wasn’t really shocked when I had to take V to the foyer of the gym. I was, however, shocked to see a guy I had a crush on, back in the day, standing right next to the doors. I’m sure seeing someone you knew liked you in high school, walking around with a kid young enough to be her own isn’t the worst thing that could happen. No, that would be being that person and not only having your crush see you, but having several other people ask you about “your cute little girl”.


The runt(an affectionate term I use for brother dearest) had a party at the house after the ceremony and got loads of cool stuff, most of it I’m fairly positive he doesn’t need for college.

After his party was over, I drove him to crash a few of his, by now, former classmates parties. The most memorable one was the B-Heidi-BB  party. B’s mom must have loads more energy imagination and creative drive than I could ever possess because she made these cupcakes.

That’s right. Those are cupcakes. Minions from Despicable Me. Made out of cupcakes and twinkies. They were as delicious as they were amazing.


I only personally knew two of the three at that party, (one not all that well)but the one in particular I knew, boy, is there talent there! I mean, my brother, as loathe as I am to admit it, is freakishly smart. Maths and Science, absolutely no problem for that kid. He’s also pretty kick ass with languages, could seriously be anything that he wants to be, anything the little man sets his mind to. Almost makes me sick how brilliant he is with things I will probably never be able to even pretend to comprehend. However, B, is extremely gifted in music. The kid has it all! He sings. He acts. He, well, he tries to dance, and for a mid-west Adventist white boy, doesn’t do to bad, but man! The voice on the boy. Don’t know how well he did in the rest of his subjects, but if their is any justice out there, it wasn’t all that too good. Just like my brother. I’m basically positive that he wouldn’t be in any plays or concerts, given the chance he’d be on the technical staff, though. Anyway, the runt graduated and at the end of the summer he’s shipping off to somewhere like Michigan or Washington and I’ll still be stuck at my parents house.

Work hasn’t been a very pleasant experience as of late, either. Within the last month, two of my favorite guys have died, one of my favorite ladies is leaving, one of the ladies who can do practically everything for herself is moving and the lady I basically hate the most won’t leave. All of that, plus the fact that our sales and marketing manager keeps selling rooms to people who should NOT be in assisted living, adds up to one extremely happy me, as you can imagine.

In other news, my sister spent basically the entire time I was in her vicinity trying to convince me to move in with her. I really don’t think I have a problem with that, except that I don’t know anyone where she lives, there are like a totally of 30 people in her town, zero shopping opportunities, I don’t have a guaranteed job(only a problem because I have a decent(at least in the pay department) one at the moment) and I know nothing about the college down there. Yeah. Basically nothing at all to be worried about, then. She is starting to wear me down, though. I think I’m gonna go for a short visit at the end of July and heck everything out. See if it’s really as bad as I think it is or as good as she says.

Well, that’s all the room I have on this one without making it too arduous to read.
Until next time…

What’s Been Going On This Week…

Sunday, I volunteered.

Very excited to get to wear my favorite scrubs. Christmas present that only just now saw light of day.

Granted, it wasn’t a completely voluntary volunteer, that is completely not the point.
My dad was in charge of the 9 Health Fair in my hometown, this year. Since I’m a CNA, he seemed to get it into his head that I would want to be a part. So, bright and early Sunday morning, I found myself awake and dressed. I could already tell the day wasn’t going to go as I wanted it to, when I looked at my phone and saw two txts and a missed call with attached voicemail. Once all that was cleared and I was able to see the base display, I rushed to get ready as I was already about 15 minutes late. Great start, I know. However, considering I’d worked the night before, my dad gave me a bit of a break.
By the time I arrived, there were already loads of people milling about. My ‘job description’ was to take blood pressures. There were at least ten people doing this very job, so it’s understandable that I got bored.
About 20 or so blood pressures in, we had a bit of a lull. What did I do? Well, I screwed around, of course. One of the guys, much older, he and his wife were helping at my table, was taking pressures with a machine. I believe he said it was because he’s mostly deaf. I got him to take mine and we found that it was on the low side. I was really shocked because not only had I been running to get to the fair on time, I also drink loads of caffeine, Pepsi is my drug of choice. The guy who took it told me that I needed a little more excitement in my life. Told me I needed to get a boyfriend. The same guy told me I probably wouldn’t be getting a certificate indicating I volunteered because I was just doing it because of my husband. After he said that he pointed to who he was talking about. I gave him a very bland look and replied, “That’s my dad.” Sad, because the two go to the same church.
Other than that little bit of embarrassment the only notable bit was that I learned I’m about a quarter of an inch taller than I had thought. Go me.

Later that night, I had work.
One of my Favorite ladys, Marge, is completely hilarious. She is the most sarcastic 90-something I’ve ever met. Hoot and a half, really.
Anyway, today when I was helping her get dressed, she asked me about my hair. Not really surprising because I quite enjoy coloring it and trying different cuts and styles. Currently, I’m a light blonde color. She asked if it was natural. Instead of going into all the detail of
how my hair had been light blonde before I had started coloring and all around experimenting with it, I simply said yes. “Are your parents?” I’d never gotten that question before, so as I gave her a curious look, I explained, “My mum had blonde hair when she was younger, but it’s brown now. And my dad has red hair.” ‘What’s left of it, that is,’ I added silently. I swear, her eyes couldn’t’ve gotten bigger. “A redhead?” she clarified. I nodded. She was silent a moment before she replied, “I approve.”
Still not completely sure what I’m supposed to think of that, but oh well. It was epically hilarious at the time and I’d like it to remain that was.

Before I go into this next bit, I need to give a bit of a preface. A disclaimer, if you will.
I’m a big John Barrowman fan. I like Doctor Who and Torchwood. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see any of his plays… Mostly because I don’t live in a country that he generally acts in(or has recently acted in). Also, I love buying stuff. Shopping, though very stereotypical for my sex, is very therapeutically. Plus, it’s fun!
So, that being said, I basically jumped at the chance to buy a little 8X10 of Barrowman in costume from a particular play he was in called ‘La Cage‘. It’s pinned to my wall, at the moment and I have a bit of a giggle every time I walk by.

Mr. Barrowman in full costume and make-up for a performance in 'La Cage'.

My mum came in to talk to me about something, can’t remember what, when she spotted the picture first. Sh looked at it, small frown on her face before she asked, “That’s not a girl, is it?” I glanced over and shook my head ‘no’. “Good.” I was completely shocked by her reply, but what she said next was even more funny. “That would be very unfortunate.” And with that, she walked out of the room, followed my muffled laughter.
A while later, again, I’m not sure how long, my dad came in to ask me a couple questions. I was on my computer at the time, as I often am when in my room, so I wasn’t paying much attention.Once he was finished talking, there was silence, but it wasn’t followed by the door closing like normal. I looked up curiously, and saw him staring intently at the photo. After a moment, he asked, “Is that Rhianna?” You have absolutely no idea how difficult it was for me to keep a straight face as I continued looking at the screen and simply replied with a ‘no’.
“Oh,” was the last thing he said, before giving the photo another glance and closing the door as he left. I had to dive for my pillows so as not to scare anyone with the shear magnitude of the laughter that followed.

Sadly, that’s basically all that has happened in the last seven or so days. Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting for you next time I publish an entry.

Until then.